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Congratulations to the new graduates of the Department!
December 13, 1999

Our current senior residents Dr. Stephen Nazareth and Dr. Dexter Anthony Grino are all set to graduate and embark on their respective Urologic careers.  Lets wish them the best of luck in all their endeavors!

Congratulations to the new PBU Diplomates and PUA Members
December 6, 1999

Three alumni of the NKTI Department of Urology have successfully passed the Philippine Board of Urology Certification Examinations. 

The successful candidates from the Department are Dr. Jose Benito Abraham, Dr. Andres Marrero and Dr. Emmanuel Sebastian.  Dr. Abraham in particular ranked number 5 both  in the Part I and Part II.  Dr. Perez is practicing at the Urology Center of the Philippines Inc in Kalayaan Rd, QC; Dr. Marrero is practicing in Baguio while Dr. Sebastian is practicing in Zamboanga.

They were granted their certificates during the Fellowship Night of the US/Japan/Philippines "International Urology" Tripartite Meeting in conjunction with the Philippine Urological Association's 47th Annual Scientific Meeting held at the Galleria Suites, Mandaluyong City.

The 1st Annual Fellowship Meeting of the NKTI Urology Alumni Association presents the new officers of the Association!
Dec 6, 1999

The 1st Annual Fellowship Meeting of the NKTIUAA was held in syncrony with the Philippine Urological Association's Annual Convention on December 4.  The 2nd batch of  officers were formally elected.  The new officers are as follows:

President: Jaime S.D. Songco, M.D.
Vice President: Francisco T. Agustin, M.D.
Secretary: Genlinus D. Yusi, M.D.
Treasurer: Jose Benito V. Abraham, M.D.
Council Members:
    Pedro F. Tingson, M.D.
    Luis N. Florencio Jr, M.D.
    Freddie Y. Sy, M.D.



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