Objectives of the Division

General Objectives

  1. To prevent, diagnose, manage and treat all urological conditions.
  2. To provide adequate and compassionate care to all patients seen by the Division, both In and Out-patient, both service and private.
  3. To maintain a training program to produce skilled urologists according to the mandates of the Philippine Board of Urology.
  4. To maintain an active research program to increase the store of Urological knowledge in both local and international literature.


  1. To maintain and operate an efficient and orderly out-patient clinic specializing in all Urological conditions.
  2. To diagnose and intervene promptly and efficiently in all Urological conditions referred from the emergency room and other departments.
  3. To perform skilled major, minor and out-patient Urological procedures.
  4. To maintain a well-equipped and efficient Urological operating theatre.
  5. To admit and confine elective and emergency Urological cases with the emphasis on expedience.
  6. To provide adequate exposure to all aspects of Urology to all residents-in-training.
  7. To provide a stepwise program of responsibilities and training objectives to each resident-in-training to each year accomplished.
  8. To provide continuing medical education in all Urological sub-specialties for all residents-in-training, in the form of library resources, conventions, lectures, symposia, etc.
  9. To implement a training program that conforms to or beyond the requirements prescribed by the Philippine Board of Urology.
  10. To accomplish active clinical and experimental research in all Urological sub-specialties to be presented and published in both local and international circles.

Objectives of the Web Site

  1. To provide for all Internet World Wide Web users easy access to a wide variety of information on Urologic disease and its management.
  2. To provide information on the National Kidney and Transplant Institute Division of Urology, its features, objectives, personnel, training opportunities and medical literature.
  3. To provide an easy means of communicating to any staff member of the Division.
  4. To provide a center of communications for alumni of the Division.

Policies and Disclaimers


  1. This site if being offered as a service to the public free-of-charge and is not supported by funding, services or material by any commercial or non-commercial organization at this time.

  2. All resources used in this site are provided for free by institutions in the Internet or via personal donations by members of the NKTI Division of Urology Staff.

Making Consultations

  1. All medical/health advice provided and hosted by this site is given by trained physicians licensed by the Philippine Board of Medicine and Board-Certified in Urology by the Philippine Board of Urology

  2. Consultations in this site are designed to support, NOT REPLACE, the relationship that exists between a patient and his or her existing physician.   Competent medical advise can be provided only by a direct face-to-face interactive interview, complete history taking, and physical examination.  The inherent limitations of email messaging or even chat conversations makes truly reliable clinical advise impossible.  Thus, this site intends only to give a patient a starting point in the management of his or her problem, or as support to an existing management by a health professional.

  3. Confidentiality of data relating to individual patients and visitors to this site, including their identity is respected totally.  All information will be kept confidential.  During instances that a case has to be discussed with fellow health professionals, the name will be replaced by initials and only the clinical aspects of the case is revealed.

  4. The owners of this site disclaim any liability to any damage to life or property resulting from advise received from consult at this site.  As stated before, a true face-to-face consultation is essential for a good clinical evaluation.

  5. If you wish to address the consultation to a specific consultant, please mention this in the "How may we help you?" space.  It may take him a longer time to respond however.


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