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The 1st Official Fellowship Meeting of the NKTI Urology Alumni Association presents the new officers of the Association!
May 15, 1999

The 1st Official Fellowship Meeting of the NKTIUAA was held in syncrony with the Philippine Urological Association's Mid-Year Convention on April 16.  The first batch of  officers were formally elected.  The new officers are as follows:

President:    Dr. Eduardo Ll. Rivera (' 87)
Vice-President:    Dr. Nelson Patron ('87)
Secretary: Dr. Genlinus Yusi ('97)
Treasurer: Dr. Jaime Songco ('91)
Alumni Councilors: Dr. Emmanuel Lenon ('92), Dr. Francisco Agustin ('96)
Faculty Councilors: Dr. Rey Dela Cruz, Dr. Abelardo Prodigalidad.

which will be from April 16 to 18, 1999.  The NKTIUAA Meeting will be held on April 16 after the Welcome Dinner at the Mercure Hotel Davao which is a few minutes from the Davao Insular Hotel where the convention is being held.  Agenda for the meeting will be the ratification of the By-Laws and formal election of officers and members of the various committees.  For further details, send E-mail c/o

Recent Changes to the Site!
January 9, 1999

Announcing the activation of the Publications page.  We feature in this page four papers which the Division has produced for your academic pleasure.

Updated too is the Personnel page wherein the Division's staff picture has been added with updated email addresses of the staff and alumni.  Also, the NKTIUAA is sporting a new logo as well as the By-laws.  Take a gander at it and tell me what you think!

Congratulations to the new Graduates!
December 16, 1998

The Division of Urology has again produced 3 new and outstanding Urologists.  Drs Jose Benito Abraham, Andres Marrero and Emmanuel Sebastian the outgoing senior residents were presented at the NKTI Residents and Fellows Graduation Day rites.

Dr. Abraham is the son of eminent Urologist Dr. David Abraham.  Dr. Marrero will be practicing in Baguio and the Mountain Province.  Dr. Sebastian will be practicing in Zamboanga.


Congratulations to the new Urology resident!
December 16, 1998

Out of 12 applicants who applied for the position of 1st year Urology resident, only one has been accepted.  Although the Division has traditionally accepted two to three residents per year, this year it has been decided that only one resident be accepted because of the significant decrease in available in-patient beds due to the Lung Center fire which affected all of the Divisions service beds.

Entering the Division is Dr. Pavio Buac as a new 1st year resident.  Dr. Buac is a General Surgeon from Zamboanga. 


Congratulations to the new PBU Diplomates and PUA Members
December 4, 1998

Two alumni of the NKTI Division of Urology have successfully passed the Philippine Board of Urology Certification Examinations. 

The PBU exams are composed of three parts.  Part I is a grueling written examination consisting of two parts, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, lasting for 3 hours each with a total of 340 questions covering every aspect of Urology from the most basic to the most practical.  Part II is a stressful oral examination composed of 4 panels, each panel having at least 3 examiners each.  The four panels are divided by a topic in Urology; urologic oncology, urinary stones/infection, urinary obstruction/trauma, and pediatric urology/neuropathic bladder.   Part III is a practical examination wherein the candidate is placed in front of a live patient with benign prostatic hypertrophy.  The patient can be a charity or service patient at the training program where the candidate graduated from or the candidate's  private patient.  The candidate then performs a TURP while being observed and questioned by three examiners.  Questions can be theoretical, indications for the procedure, and other salient features of the procedure.

The successful candidates from the Division are Dr. Francis Silvestre Perez and Dr. Genlinus Yusi.  Dr. Yusi in particular ranked number 2 in the Part I and number 1 in the Part II.  Dr. Perez is practicing at the Paranaque Medical Center in Paranaque, Metro Manila and the San Pedro Medical Center in Laguna.  Dr. Yusi is presently practicing in Metro Manila at the NKTI, Capitol Medical Center, and The Medical City.

They were granted their certificates during the Fellowship Night of the Annual Scientific Convention of the Philippine Urological Association held at the Holiday Inn, Manila.


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